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Our Plans

ViRal : “Your Brand with us” is a Very Cheapest and Effective Digital Media Marketing Agency in INDIA.

Viral providing the cheapest services for small brand to boost up their business. Viral always be there to serve you the best services. We (Viral Your brend with us) are down to earth, personable group who loves to see effective results for our valuable clients. Viral’s experienced team always helping you to achieve success and  We make every efforts to get you there. We Understand that digital marketing world can be little confusing so our aim to guide you through it and help you to make good decision. Our well qualified & experienced team working in smart way to boost up our client’s business with very affordable prices.

Best Type website for increasing your business

There are so many types of websites on the market today.  Viral believe to provide the best services in cheapest prices. We are using pre-set framework websites because they allow business owners to get their website up and running in a short period of time at a lower cost. We can change some elements of these kind of website such as colours, images, text content, and some components.

At first page marketing our professionals of internet marketing knows very well that how design and build website for any kind of business.



Viral’s Services

ViRal : Your Brand is a Very Cheapest and Effective Digital Media Marketing Agency in INDIA.

Viral providing the cheapest services for small brand for boost up their business. Viral is not all about digital marketing its also going to provide the Home services also very soon.

  • Who We ARE?

Viral is a creative agency dedicated to finding creative solutions for our clients through #strategy #creative #technology.
VISION : “Change branding promotion Style according to Digital INDIA.
OUR MOTO : Satisfaction of Proprietors Who Trust On Us.”
We make this possible by using tools and technologies that are Cost Effective Easier to Measure More Engaging.

  • Why we need a Web site?

A Web site is that your business can be found by anyone on the internet. The Internet is the place where today’s customers go to look for information. A Web Site gives your businesses visibility and credibility. Some Web sites can even be set up to take orders while your store is closed! Reduction of printing costs can be realized in many situations.
*Hand outs
*Customer information sheets
Many of these items are given to customers, but end up in a file or in the garbage! Directing a customer to a link on your Web site saves time, money and can be eco-friendly.

services providing by Viral and pricing. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Starting point Digital Marketing Strategy. It is the process of achieving targeted potential customers to your web site from the different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…
It is the common behavior of the internet users not to search for expected result in more than two pages down in the search engine. So higher your website ranks in the search results the higher the chances to achieve more potential customers.
In Digital Marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a onetime process. Every hour, every minute millions of website owners try to achieve the higher rank in the search engines. It is a complex and continuous process of Monitoring, Searching, Researching and Indexing of Keywords, Logical Implementation on your website and content with Promotion and Marketing Strategies.

We help you increase your visibility
You need to be where your Customers are. Facebook has almost 800 million users. Your existing Customers, Prospective customers are already present on Facebook. Facebook Fan Pages is an excellent platform to engage with your Present and Prospective Customers, and to build a Brand and create lot of buzz at little cost.
Some of the Social Media techniques we use include:
* Social Bookmarking
* Social Profile Listing
* Social Event Creation
* Media Sharing
* Blogging
* Engaging Audience and Much More..

* Digital campaigns
* Email Marketing
* Facebook Fan Page
* Blog Manage
* Tweet Manage
* Logo Designing
* Character Designing
* Event
* Identity and collateral products
(Envelop,Carry bag) etc.
Video Graphics
* Profacional Presentations
* Youtube videos
* Motion graphics
* Animation
* Tv programs Scripting
Web Designing
* SEO( Search Engine Optmization)
* Static Website
* Dynamic Websites
* Wirefrmes
* Mobile Optmization
Online engagement
* Digital PR
* Statergy
* Content Creations
* Scripting
Software Design
* Education Portal
* Hotel Booking Portal Software
* Billing Software’s
* Salary Management Systems etc.
For Visibilty of Your Business

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